Beach Sand

tropical drink on white beach sand

There are not many things in this world that can compare to the feeling of sitting on the beach with sand in your toes. Poems have been written entirely dedicated to the feeling of nestling toes into the cool sand on a hot day. Beach sand is comforting and usually so soft and fine your feet feel like they’re getting a massage every time you take a step or dig them in just a little bit deeper.

Although the first thing most of us think about when we think of beach sand is the white sands set against glistening blue lakes. There are beaches with sand that is less than appealing. Some inland lake beach sand is more like rough gravel that can chop up our feet with the exact reverse feeling of the white, fine sands. These rougher sands are the product of inland lakes that don’t have the same amount of movement in them as the ocean. Since there is not as much motion, these rocks don’t erode down to the small, polished sand granules found in the ocean.

Many will agree that the best sand for relaxing in is the powder sand from the ocean that can also be found on the shores of some large lakes. This sand is like a pillow for us to spread out our towels on and lay out for some relaxation. Even though the beach sand is so hot on the warmer days that we think our toes might burn, once you pick out the prefect spot for your towel, lay it out and settle in, there’s nothing better than the sand from the beach on your toes.

Waves gently hit the beach. The sun glitters on the water and the wet beach sand rippled by the wind and tide at the time of sunset.

The next time you are at the beach, take a minute to admire the sand. Let the beach sand run through your fingers and appreciate the moment you’re in with the sun shining down, warm beach sand in your fingers and toes and beautiful surf in front of you!