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LDP’s Eriko Imai

Eriko Imai Press Conference at the LDP headquarters in Tokyo. 9 Feb 2016
今井絵理子氏 参院選立候補にあたっての記者会見 (2016.2.9)自民党

Boyfriend of LDP’s Imai involved in underage sex incident
Tokyo Reporter , February 21, 2016

SPEED / 熱帯夜 Re Track~from BIBLE -SPEED BEST CLIPS- avex

SPEED / あしたの空~from BIBLE -SPEED BEST CLIPS- avex
Eriko Imai finger gesture

Ahen Senso” (阿片戦爭) (or 阿片戰争) aka The Opium War is a 1943 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Masahiro Makino

Okinawa Actor’s School, Masayuki Makino, Masahiro Makino, “Opium King” Hajime Satomi, Dentsu, Nobusuke Kishi, Shinzo Abe

Opium King’s ties believed went to the top
Trader allegedly pipelined ‘secret funds’ to Tojo, Kishi, other Tokyo bigwigs
The Japan Times, 30 Aug 2007

Japan profited as opium dealer in wartime China
Puppet regimes, army paid: document
The Japan Times, 30 Aug 2007

Masahiko Tsugawa recently debuted as a director under the pseudonym Makino Masahiko with his film Nezu no Ban. He chose this name because he is the nephew of the Japanese director Masahiro Makino, his mother’s brother. Legend has it that Tsugawa was so awed by the director while watching him at work as a young child that he asked if he could use Makino as his last name should he ever be a director, because of the similarities of the first names.

LDP lawmaker Ichita Yamamoto and Actor Masahiko Tsugawa

The Shunya Itō-directed historical drama “Pride: The Fateful Moment”(Puraido: Unmei no Toki), released in 1998, cast Masahiko Tsugawa as Hideki Tojo.
Hideki Tojo played by Masahiko Tsugawa in the 1998 film “Pride”

Ristorante ASO

Lousy service. People coming last get seated first outside.

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Tsugawa, Abe, dinner at Italian restaurant Ristorante ASO, 6 Jan 2014

Abe, Tsugawa, dinner at Sushi restaurant Kyubey (Hotel New Otani Tokyo), 24 July 2015

Hiroshige Seko, Masahiko Tsugawa, Shinzo Abe
“Beauty of Japan” Comprehensive Project Advisory Panel
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hiroshige Seko, Masahiko Tsugawa, Shinzo Abe
“Beauty of Japan” Comprehensive Project Advisory Panel
Friday, December 18, 2015

Abe, Tsugawa, actor Kiichi Nakai (Seikei Univ grad), actor Eiji Okuda, dinner at Italian restaurant Ristorante ASO, 5 Jan 2016

Hiroshige Seko, Masahiko Tsugawa, Shinzo Abe
“Beauty of Japan” Comprehensive Project Advisory Panel
Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eriko Imai performed the Japanese national anthem Kimigayo during a LDP party convention at the LDP headquarters on March 13, 2016 in Tokyo. Imai became the first singer in LDP history to sing the National Anthem during the LDP party convention.

The 83rd Liberal Democratic Party Convention March 13, 2016 | Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
第83回定期党大会 参院選必勝に向け、安倍総裁が力強く決意表明 | 自由民主党

【第83回定期党大会 参院選必勝に向け、安倍総裁が力強く決意表明】わが党は3月13日、を都内のホテルで盛大に開催しました。会場には全国から党員・党友ら3500人が参集。冒頭、東日本大震災の発生から5年の節目にあわせ、出席者全員で犠牲…

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Eriko Imai greets local residents in her hometown of Okinawa, Japan.

2016.3.16 地元沖縄県(^-^)/ 雨ですが暖かい。挨拶回りしています。

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