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Free Tests

Ever get bored surfing online and find yourself taking a free test? They’re great! Not only do the free tests kill some of your time at the office, they also can reveal hidden things about yourself that you may have never known.

There are all sorts of free tests available online. Websites like queendom have all sorts of different tests to choose from. If you browse the web there are thousands of people who have taken tests like “Which Saved by the Bell character are you?” and posted their results on their page for everyone to see. Free online tests are great for getting a quick laugh or even to check out your IQ score of the day

While most sites will boast that they have free sites, many try and stick it to the user by only offering half of the test, or demanding and email address in order to get the results. This is mostly just a marketing ploy to get your email address or other contact information so that companies can contact you. Not all free tests online are designed for this reason, but buyers beware.

The free tests are fun to send around in forwards to your friends and family so that everyone can take part in the action. The test can be about pop culture or they can simply be the online equivalent of the Cootie catcher tests we used to take in elementary school. Who didn’t love passing those around the class?

With all of the free tests available it’s easy to get caught online taking free test after free test. It’s usually a better idea to surf the web for these kinds of mindless distractions at home, but more than a few of us are guilty of taking free online tests on the job. The funny thing about these free online tests is that we never really set out to take them. Instead we come across them while surfing and just can’t resist.

Free online tests are a great way to give your brain a quick break from your work load and do something else like finding out what type of a person you are by the order in which you take a shower. (shampoo your hair first?) so find a test, take it and share the results. Your friends will want to take free online tests as well, so email them links and have a great time!

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For a student there is no bigger pressure than a test. This is where the teachers or professors analyze progress in the class by measuring how much information the student has retained. For many tests are stressful and can even cause severe anxiety and worry the night before and leading up to test day. Others who are usually well prepared for tests have no problem sitting down to fill out the answers.

But tests in the classroom are not the only kind of tests out there. Classroom tests are based on what we learned on a specific topic or subject. Other tests like aptitude tests offer assessments of overall information retention and problem solving skills. Good examples of aptitude tests are the SATs or the ACTs which college use the results of when deciding on candidates to accept to their college or university. These tests usually cover a wide range of topics from science to reading comprehension. Since most of us rely on one side of the brain or another (right or left) these aptitude tests are designed to equal the playing field for all types of brains.

An even broader test of intelligence is the IQ test. This is a series of questions that range from situational, analytical, scientific, mathematic and practical standpoints of questions. It is thought that someone’s IQ score is the best measurement by which “intelligence” can be graded. The higher the IQ score, the more “intelligent” a person is. However, there are debates to the reality that the IQ test is the end-all of testing a person’s intelligence.

Regardless, tests will come and go throughout all phases of life. Whether it’s a test to get a doctorate in the sciences or a test to renew our driver’s license, a test is the all time go-to event that helps others assess what we know.

IQ Tests

IQ tests are meant to measure an individual’s intelligence. IQ actually stands for Intelligence Quotient. IQ test scores are derived from sets of standardized test that are engineered to assess one’s intelligence level. IQ tests can come in many forms while others use a single question. There has been much debate about IQ tests in the past, but the tests have been standardized for some time, and many believe that IQ tests are the only way to truly gauge how smart a person is.

One downside of an IQ test is that there really isn’t any room for measuring a person’s creativity. Many know that some of the greatest geniuses in history were also extremely creative minds. There is much research to support the theory that Intelligence cannot be measured by tests alone. Somewhere a person’s creativity has to weigh in, but as of yet creativity is not a factor in an IQ test.

There are many IQ tests available online for people to take. Many are free and there are also IQ tests that are more in-depth assessments of the individual’s mind. In some school districts IQ tests are given to help place students in the right classroom or even as entrance exams to get into the school itself. Since it is believed that IQ does not change drastically throughout a person’s life, if you have an IQ score of 100, you will most likely be in the 100 range for the rest of your life.

Although an individual’s IQ score may not drastically change in a lifetime, there has been a trend in the past century that IQ scores as whole have been rising in many populations. This phenomenon has been extensively studied, but no one is sure if it is a real change in intellectual abilities or that the test questions have simply become more common knowledge in the societies.

IQ tests are fun to take, but in no way are meant to be a source of absolutes. The IQ tests that are available online are a good assessment of how you may perform in a real IQ test situation, but the results are only for you to reference. Unless you are trying to get into MENSA, the only reason for taking and IQ test is for your own enjoyment. Colleges don’t accept people based on IQ scores, they accept people based on the results of hard work and determination.