Diageo Korea Smirnoff (
“In the Diageo Korea Smirnoff event held in Itaewon Hotel and Radio Garden, they hosted the club party in order to announce a new vodka brand launching. For only one day, they provided a thousand of visitors with the event such as SNS posting, photographing, beverage service and point management.” 2013/10/27

“Bottles of Diageo Korea’s Smirnoff, a vodka-based drink, produced on the production line at its Icheon plant in Gyeonggi Province. The Korean unit of the British liquor company has been exporting those locally manufactured drinks to Japanese retailers from the beginning of July.” / Courtesy of Diageo Korea
Diageo Korea exports liquor to Japan
The Korea Times, Posted : 2014-07-06 17:26
Updated : 2014-07-06 21:35