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The Religious Cult Secretly Running Japan


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[RATTRAPAGE] Le Nippon Kaigi, ce discret lobby japonais nationaliste



Emergency! “Japan Conference” is an ultra-right-wing lobby group reshaping Japanese politics
Yoshiko Sakurai 櫻井よしこ

(Lifting the lid on one of the most influential, and secretive, political organisations in Japan – ABC News)

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: It’s been described as one of the most influential political organisations in Japan. Nippon Kaigi, or Japan Conference, has an impressive list of members and advisors, including the Prime Minister and much of his cabinet. But very little is known about this right-wing nationalist lobby group which aims to reshape Japanese politics and policies and even change the Constitution. It operates mostly out of the public eye, but North Asia correspondent Matthew Carney gained rare access to file this exclusive story for Lateline.

MATTHEW CARNEY, REPORTER: A call has gone out and people from all over Japan have responded. To hear a vision from one of Japan’s most powerful political organisations, the Nippon Kaigi. And it’s back to the future. Nippon Kaigi want to restore the status of the Emperor, keep women in the home to nurture family and rebuild the might of the armed forces.

To do that, they have to scrap the pacifist constitution that was imposed by the Americans. This is the first step, they say, to shake off the shame of the defeat in World War II and restore pride.

YOSHIKO SAKURAI, JOURNALIST (voiceover translation): We need to ask ourselves: will the current constitution of Japan protect Japan and its people? The answer is no. We need a constitution that reflects the true Japanese identity.

MATTHEW CARNEY: The biggest champion to the cause and the group’s specialist advisor is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself.

SHINZO ABE, JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER (voiceover translation): To create a constitution suitable for the 21st Century, that’s where it needs to be spread throughout Japan. I seek your continued support on this. Let’s move forward towards changing the Constitution.

MATTHEW CARNEY: The Nippon Kaigi has serious clout. The Deputy Prime Minister is also a member, as well as 80 per cent of the cabinet, as are almost half of all parliamentarians. It’s a kind of uber lobby group that uses its 38,000 members to mobilise support.

The Nippon Kaigi has pledged to collect 10 million signatures by next April to change the Constitution. Some say it’s a cult-like organisation.

KOICHI NAKANO, SOPHIA UNIVERSITY: I think it is, you know, cultish, in the sense that it’s very sectarian. They have a very strong view of us and them. They have a sense of the inner group because they feel victimised, marginalised and they have been subjected to severe injustice, that they need to take back Japan.

MATTHEW CARNEY: But their spokesperson says they are only trying to normalise Japan.

AKIRA MOMOCHI, NIPPON KAIGI, STRATEGIC COMMITTEE (voiceover translation): It is proper for an independent sovereign nation to have an army. There are no sovereign nations without one. Armies are deterrents. They exist to prevent war. We’ll keep our pacifist traditions, but we need to respond to the rising threat of China.

MATTHEW CARNEY: The fundamental vision for many in the group is to go back to a time when they say Japan was pure and free from foreign influence, like the Edo Period in the 16th to 18th centuries when outsiders were strictly forbidden and Japanese culture flourished. They believe this beautiful Japan has been lost.

HIDEAKI KASE, NIPPON KAIGI, TOKYO BRANCH: There are two Japan. One is traditional Japan and one is Westernised Japan. And we wish to revert to the traditional Japan.

KOICHI NAKANO: They are romantic, they are irrational, they live in their own world. So they lack strategic thinking in terms of what they are going for and for what reason and how does that serve national interest in realistic terms?

MATTHEW CARNEY: The darker side to the organisation is to deny any wrongdoing in Japan’s war-time past. They assert World War II was one of defence, not aggression. They say comfort women were not sex slaves, but well-paid prostitutes and the rape and pillage of Nanjing in China that historians say killed up to 200,000 was a fiction.

HIDEAKI KASE: There was no massacre at all. That is an utterly false accusation.

KOICHI NAKANO: They try to rewrite history in order – and they think that this is fundamental to what they see as Japan’s need to restore pride. They think that because the kids and the – you know, the adults of Japan are being brainwashed by self-blame and a sense of shame in their history.

MATTHEW CARNEY: Many in Japan think Nippon Kaigi’s ideas are dangerous and have to be countered. Professor Setsu Kobayashi is one of the country’s top constitutional experts.

SETSU KOBAYASHI, CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERT (voiceover translation): They’re thinking about Asia before the war when Japan was the leader of Asia. They want to repeat that. They openly say that.

MATTHEW CARNEY: On his Friday lunchtime radio spot, he warns against reform of the Constitution, arguing it could lead Japan down the warpath. So far, Prime Minister Abe and Nippon Kaigi have succeeded in passing security bills that let the armed forces fight overseas again. Kobayashi says the move is unconstitutional.

SETSU KOBAYASHI (voiceover translation): The majority of people are not convinced. We have to fight and not give up, otherwise we’ll live under a dictatorship. Freedom and democracy will not exist.

MATTHEW CARNEY: Professor Kobayashi was once a member of Nippon Kaigi, but is now one of its biggest critics. He tried to change them from the inside, but couldn’t. As a self-described commoner, he says the organisation is one of elites, out of touch with the people. Polls consistently show that the majority of Japanese don’t want the country’s pacifist constitution to change.

SETSU KOBAYASHI (voiceover translation): They want to achieve the dream that Japan pursued pre-war to be one of the top five military powers in the world. To enable this, our country will go around the world fighting wars alongside the Americans. Mr Abe went to the United Nations and said that Japan will seek aggressive peace; militarism is another name.

MATTHEW CARNEY: Professor Kobayashi now devotes much of his time fighting the Nippon Kaigi and the reform of the Constitution. He believes it’s a battle for the very hearts and minds of the Japanese and the outcome will decide the country’s future. The Nippon Kaigi say their ambition is to simply protect Japan and its identity.

AKIRA MOMOCHI (voiceover translation): It is a difference of opinion. We want to retain the Japanese traditions, to make Japan as it should be. We have the power to do it.

Nippon Kaigi: The ultra-nationalistic group trying to restore the might of the Japanese Empire
ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Lifting the lid on one of the most influential, and secretive, political organisations in Japan
Lateline – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

自民 日本国憲法改正草案(全文) PDFファイル(767.9KB)
日本国憲法改正草案 | 自由民主党 憲法改正推進本部


Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

LDP announces a new draft Constitution for Japan
Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
Chapter II
This chapter prescribes that Japan maintains its long-held pacifism. It also prescribes that Japan has the right of self-defense and shall have the Defense Forces. It also newly prescribes the maintenance of its territorial integrity.


安倍政権と「日本会議」 理論的支柱が明かす改憲への道筋
posted on 2016/06/28 16:59 バズフィードジャパン











【正論】まずは「緊急事態条項」が焦点 速やかに憲法改正の国会発議を 日本大学教授・百地章 2016.7.12 産経ニュース

【正論】緊急事態条項で改憲の発議を 日本大学教授・百地章(1/4ページ) – 産経ニュース
憲法改正は「緊急事態条項」から一点突破を図れ 百地章(日本大学教授)

第九章 緊急事態

第九十八条 内閣総理大臣は、我が国に対する外部からの武力攻撃、内乱等による社会秩序の混乱、地震等による大規模な自然災害その他の法律で定める緊急事態において、特に必要があると認めるときは、法律の定めるところにより、閣議にかけて、緊急事態の宣言を発することができる。
2 緊急事態の宣言は、法律の定めるところにより、事前または事後に国会の承認を得なければならない。
3 内閣総理大臣は、前項の場合において不承認の議決があったとき、国会が緊急事態の宣言を解除すべき旨を議決したとき、又は事態の推移により当該宣言を継続する必要がないと認めるときは、法律の定めるところにより、閣議にかけて、当該宣言を速やかに解除しなければならない。また、百日を超えて緊急事態の宣言を継続しようとするときは、百日を超えるごとに、事前に国会の承認を得なければならない。
4 第二項及び前項後段の国会の承認については、第六十条第二項の規定を準用する。この場合において、同項中「三十日以内」とあるのは、「五日以内」と読み替えるものとする。

第九十九条 緊急事態の宣言が発せられたときは、法律の定めるところにより、内閣は法律と同一の効力を有する政令を制定することができるほか、内閣総理大臣は財政上必要な支出その他の処分を行い、地方自治体の長に対して必要な指示をすることができる。
2 前項の政令の制定及び処分については、法律の定めるところにより、事後に国会の承認を得なければならない。
3 緊急事態の宣言が発せられた場合には、何人も、法律の定めるところにより、当該宣言に係る事態において国民の生命、身体及び財産を守るために行われる措置に関して発せられる国その他公の機関の指示に従わなければならない。この場合においても、第十四条、第十八条、第十九条、第二十一条その他の基本的人権に関する規定は、最大限に尊重されなければならない。
4 緊急事態の宣言が発せられた場合においては、法律の定めるところにより、その宣言が効力を有する期間、衆議院は解散されないものとし、両議院の議員の任期及びその選挙期日の特例を設けることができる。

第十章 改正
2 憲法改正について前項の承認を経たときは、天皇は、直ちに憲法改正を公布する。

緊急事態 自民党 憲法改正
日本国憲法改正草案 自由民主党 平成二十四年四月二十七日(決定)
自民 日本国憲法改正草案(全文) PDFファイル(767.9KB)
日本国憲法改正草案 | 自由民主党 憲法改正推進本部

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